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Fact About Abortion Pills | Is It A Safe Procedure To Remove Unwanted Pregnancy? 

If you want to terminate your unwanted pregnancy, you should know it has two ways: A surgical abortion and a medication abortion. Medication abortion refers to the end of a pregnancy via pills, which are also known as Abortion Pills. According to the report of the Guttmacher Institute, More than half (54%) of all US abortions in 2020 were done via abortion pills. 

How effective this “Abortion Pills” is for causing an abortion, how much it costs, how it tastes, and how effective it is are discussed below. The government has approved the use of this Pill to Treat Abortion. It is a medicine that allows abortions to be carried out very carefully at their own homes for up to 10 weeks without attending the clinic.

What is the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill is a combination of two effective medicines. The first medicine, named Mifepristone, helps to end the pregnancy by blocking the pregnancy hormone progesterone. In medical terms, blocking the progesterone can break down the lining of the uterus. So the pregnancy can be stopped.

The second medicine, Misoprostol, is responsible for womb contracting, leading to cramping, bleeding, and then loss of pregnancy. 

You can use this medicine till about 24 weeks of pregnancy. But it depends on whether the pregnancy is more or less than 10 weeks. It also depends on whether there is a need to come to the clinic.

Medication Abortion via abortion pills is completely safe. Research states it safer procedure than various other medications such as penicillin, Tylenol, and Viagra. It has very rare serious side effects.

How Effective Is the Abortion Pill?

A study found that this abortion pills works 98.8% effectively if it is taken within 63 days of pregnancy. Experts say this pill will be less effective if taken after 10 weeks of pregnancy. So it should not take in this time. Research shows that abortion with this pill is much less painful than an operative abortion if taken at the right time. The entire procedure is very safe.

Is the Abortion Pill safer than other Procedures? 

Although these pills do not have any such side effects, if you notice any other side effects apart from heavy bleeding, be careful. Taking Misoprostol between these two medicines causes a slight fever, chills, and hot flashes in the mouth, throat, and ears.

Experts say, that if people wet more than two pads per hour for more than two hours, have a fever higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, or experience severe pain should be taken care of. Heat pads and over-the-counter pain medications often work well in these cases.

Sometimes, the side effects of these pills are unpleasant. However, according to research, the risk of taking abortion pills is very low. Published studies on contraceptives report that 7% of those seeking abortions and 4% of those who had medical abortions required a transfusion. Many required transfusions. There have been several deaths and serious complications from taking the drug, but these are incredibly rare. So, according to experts, taking abortion medicine is a safe procedure.

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